“Marking milestones on this journey nurturing words, embellishing them to reflect both the said and the unsaid, I have often wondered at the power of the written word to enrich, empower, educate, express and impress.         

At all such times, I have felt - in fact experienced - an unseen power, guiding me, helping me link words to words, fleshing them with deeper meanings, and gently letting me feel the power within. An inspiration inside. And I thank Him for this.

And in this endeavour to write about myself, and this wonderful country, I have mentioned several individuals, places, events, and situations. But I must admit my writing could not keep in pace with the winds of change sweeping over the nation. Since the time I began writing this book, I realise how everything is in a constant state of flux. Individuals grew on and became much greater. Ministers took up higher and different responsibilities. Newer leaders emerged on to the forefront. Some events quickly simmered into insignificance. Yet others bloomed into a brighter glory.

I had to keep writing and rewriting the titles and positions of people I knew. Even at this very moment – as I pen this note – the Kingdom of Bahrain had completed its second Parliamentary and Municipal Elections. And the high and unprecedented turn out consolidates the country’s march towards democracy. Newer leaders are being chosen for newer positions.

So, in this constant change, I tried my best to be as accurate as possible,as of today. And inaccuracies, if any, are inadvertent. And I hope to be pardoned.

Writing this is a humbling experience. It is a beautiful experience. These words therefore are not my own. I compose these with the divine guidance and am grateful to God for this opportunity to share my thoughts, comments and interpretations.

I am blessed that I have been chosen to record my experiences in this beautiful island nation of Bahrain. I am blessed that my family and I were able to enjoy the beauty and the hospitality of this wonderful land. I am blessed that I have this privilege to express myself freely and fairly, objectively and subjectively. I am blessed that I could relate to life around me as it unfolded over the last two decades and more. I am blessed that I could comment on the progress this Kingdom is making. I am blessed that I am given this honour to reach out to people, in this land that gave me a name and a home.

I am blessed.”

*Shukran Bahrain .
Soman Baby

*Note: The word ‘Shukran’ is an Arabic expression of sublime gratitude, equating to ‘Thank You’ in English.